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Daywood Drive Records

Daywood Drive Records is a record company that has been in the making for over 40 years. Brian McKenna and James Miceli met at four years old when they were neighbors on Daywood Drive in Baldwinsville, NY. They grew up together in a tight-knit group of six friends – all living on the same block of Daywood Drive. After many decades, and separated by thousands of miles, the six friends remain as close now as they were then.

In the fall of 2009, Brian and James were hanging out at Brian’s place, a normal pastime when Brian, who operated Sony Music Studios in New York City and recently had branched out into artist management, said “We should start ‘our’ concept of a jazz label.”

James said, “Yes, lets do it. I’m in,” since as kids they sat for hours listening to new music while studying the LP cover art they received in the mail. And soon thereafter, were playing jazz together in 8th grade and continued to do so... Brian went on to major in Jazz/Percussion and the Contemporary Media at Ithaca College and Eastman School of Music and James, who majored in Art & Marketing at Syracuse University, continued to play saxophone through college, but elected to pursue his other passion: art and illustration. Though James has made his living in advertising, he continues to play professionally and immerse himself in the jazz community.

They’ve both had successful careers – Brian in the music industry and James in advertising design – and thought, what a perfect combination of skills and expertise to launch a record label. They view signing artists as a partnership, providing artistic respect, support and guidance. They are focused on creating a model that includes: developing a roster of unique musicians, blending their music with original artwork, and an aggressive marketing strategy which includes social networking, mobile applications, partnerships and global distribution.

From mail order LPs to Daywood Drive Records the focus is “Jazz, Stop and Listen”.

Photograph by Jill Steinberg
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