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Bullet1 Sandro Albert - Vertical
Bullet1 Sandro Albert - A Beautiful Cloudy Day
bullet2 Sandro Albert - The Color of Things

bullet3 Sandro Albert - Soulful People

bullet4 Dan Willis and Velvet Gentlemen - The Satie Project
bullet5 Dan Willis - Velvet Gentlemen
bullet6 Dan Willis - Hand To Mouth
bullet7 Dan Willis - Dan Willis Quartet

Listed below are the musicians you will find on the recordings of Daywood Drive Records. Use the reference at right for specific recordings. Click on a colored square to be directed to the appropriate page.  

Bullet1Bullet1bullet2bullet3 Sandro Albert
blankblankblankBullet1 Richie Barshay
bullet2 Jean Baylor
bullet2 Jimmy Branly
Bullet1bullet2 Katisse Buckingham
Dave Carpenter
bullet2bullet3 Luis Conte
bullet5 Stephan Crump
blankblankbullet4bullet5 Kermit Driscoll
blankblankBullet1bullet3 Cassio Duarte
blankblankblankbullet3 Steve Durnin
blankblankblankbullet3 Peter Erskine
bullet2 Russell Ferrante
bullet2 Robben Ford
blankblankblankbullet3 Kenny Garrett 
blankblankblankbullet6 Larry Goldings
blankblankbullet2bullet3 Edsel Gomez
blankblankbullet6bullet7 Drew Gress
blankblankblankbullet3 Jimmy Haslip
blankblankblankbullet2 Tamir Hendelman
bullet4bullet5bullet6bullet7 John Hollenbeck
blankblankblankbullet3 Mark Isham
blankblankblankbullet2 Mark Ledford
blankblankbullet4bullet5 Chuck MacKinnon
Bullet1bullet2bullet3 Frank Marocco
blankbullet4bullet5bullet6 Pete McCann
Mika Miller
blankblankbullet6bullet7 Ben Monder 

blankblankblankbullet2 Airto Moreira
blankblankblankbullet3 Milton Nascimento
blankblankblankbullet3 Renato Neto
blankblankblankBullet1 Super Nova
blankblankblankBullet1 Michael O'Brien
blankblankbullet4bullet5 Ron Oswanski              
blankblankblankbullet4 Jonathan Owens
blankblankblankBullet1 Ze Renato
blankblankblankbullet2 Matt Rohde
blankblankblankbullet3 Antonio Sanchez
blankblankblankbullet4 Tim Sessions
blankblankblankbullet3 Bob Sheppard
blankblankblankbullet4 Antoine Silverman
blankblankblankbullet4 Richard Sosinsky
blankblankblankBullet1 Rodrigo Ursaia
blankblankblankbullet2 Michael Valerio
bullet4bullet5bullet6bullet7 Dan Willis
blankblankblankbullet3 The Jane Warner School Choir

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